Gap Analysis Report

This is a Gap Analysis. It looks at where the Beardie is now and where it should be, the difference between these is the GAP and the report suggests how we should bridge that gap and put Beardies on a sound footing for the future.

The time for talking has come to an end. We now need to take action on the many fronts,  that were debated and highlighted in the various regional symposia held in the last year. The following is a simple check list of action points. Some should be started now, others implemented gradually over the next two years. All measures should be in place by 2020 at the latest




  1. Encourage an increased number of litters born

  2. Stop restricting breeding from pets

  3. Widen the Gene pool from overseas lines, and working Beardie lines

  4.  Aim to reduce the COIs of puppies so that they are less than those of their parents

  5. Aim for a 2% reduction per annum in the average COIs

  6.  Set a target of 6% for the COIs in 10 years

  7. Restrict dogs at public stud to a maximum of 10 litters in a life time and three in any one year.

  8. Relax maximum and minimum ages for bitches to conceive, providing all health checks are ok and the bitch is in peak condition

  9. Restrict bitches to having first litter before aged six.

  10.  Greatly improve the web site with a large amount of educational material

  11.  Continue to develop the cohort study started last year which will ultimately provide answers to many unknowns.

  12.  Introduce a death certificate for Beardies, Encourage more Post Mortems

  13.  Encourage genetic testing to identify autosomal recessive mutations

  14.  Increase awareness of auto-immune disorders, provide guidance and help in early diagnosis and treatment.

  15.  Avoid further breeding from a dog or bitch that develops an auto immune disorder

  16.  Minimise the risks of undescended testicles and umbilical hernias

  17.  Establish a library of relevant papers and reports available on line from the web site

  18.  Establish a National Breed Health Council in each nation with Beardies and an over arching Global body to have oversight of Beardie Recovery worldwide. This would not replace the JBLC which could continue its liaison role. Many of the existing, very heath orientated, JBLC members would become the core of the bigger Breed Health Council. There is a lot of work to do so a large team will be required. Involving many people which  will help members develop a feeling of ownership of  the process. People should be asked to work in two or threes, to report back quickly within 6 weeks on a variety of single topics such as diet, immunisations,  use of flea, tick and worm treatments, management of SLO and many other topics. Their findings once reviewed and approved should be added to a web site for all to access and print off copies as required.

  19.  Publish and promote sources of education in topics like genetics, population genetics and auto immune disorders with links to online resources.

  20.  Introduce new classes in shows and new awards. Perhaps an annual life time achievement award to those most contributing to this recovery operation to protect the Bearded Collie breed.

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